Monday, October 25, 2010

Everything Is Just Peachy!

So we went to our 13 week appointment this afternoon and our baby is very healthy - We couldn't be happier!! The baby is the size of a peach this week - He/she is growing like a weed! I was told this week starts the Second Trimester. Where did the time go? It's just crazy!

We had our second ultrasound today. The baby was waving at us! And at one point he/she flipped onto his/her side - Definitely a very active little peach. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat - It was amazing! The heart beat is 154 beats per minute - which is very normal. We really enjoy that word right now, NORMAL. 

We also did a 3D Ultrasound where you can see the true shape of the baby, it's pretty cool. It looked like he/she was sucking his/her thumb and rubbing an eye. Quite the multi-tasker, we have on our hands! 

No new developments in terms of how I look, well I take that back. I think I'm going to go as a teenager for Halloween. I have so many hormonal zits right now, it's crazy! Thank god for concealer, I can hide some of the temporary imperfections on my face. However, I know these are all worth it in the end and I gladly will take these "war wounds" for our end result.

So yes, our little peach is doing peachy and we're happy to report this! 
This week I head up to Wisconsin to spend sometime with Schyler and Grandma Lazar. Should be a fun week/weekend with the girls! 

Have the best week - I am positive we've started ours off with a fantastic bang!

Love to all,
Tonya + Kurt

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy as a Plum, Er I Mean, Clam

So today the baby is officially the size of a Plum! I've been trying to come up with clever titles all day, I thought of doing something with the game Clue and Professor Plum. Then I thought, "Duh, happy has a plum." Well I guess it's official, I have pregnancy brain! It's happy as a clam! Oops!! Although I hate to admit it, I have always had pregnancy brain since I was little. But now I might as well take advantage of an excuse!

Today is my birthday so we have two reasons to celebrate! I came home to pumpkin cheesecake from the husband and three birthday cards! I opened the first - It was from Shakespeare! The second was a VERY sweet card from Kurt. The third, from our future baby telling me I'm the best mom. Wow! I'm still smiling at the thought!

We truly are happy as a plum AND a clam right now! We're at 12 weeks - We are just about one third of the way through our pregnancy. We are both excited and nervous! In just 24-28 weeks we'll be in charge of another life. It's super thrilling and I am confident from our upbringings that we too will be great parents but it's still a bit nerve-wracking!

Thank you to all for the birthday wishes - I really appreciate the love you've sent my way!

Looking forward to another great week and we hope the same for all of you.

Lots of Love,
Tonya + Kurt

Monday, October 11, 2010

Feels Like Heaven at Week Eleven

So we're at week 11 as of today! It's crazy how quickly the time is passing. In just a couple weeks, we'll be embarking upon the second trimester. Apparently time flies when you're having fun!

Baby Ames is the size of a lime - I'm an expert on the lime as my favorite summer beverage Corona with a lime! However, I really prefer this lime now, this one is a special little lime.

I feel like I have a large amount of energy especially during the week but on the weekends I have been crashing. My friends have told me to not feel guilty napping and relaxing when I can, so I will gladly take their advice. Although I have to say, my weekends have been extremely productive minus the afternoon catnaps. 

I'm getting anxious to get the nursery ready but we're going to wait until after the new year. I think I found a crib though today, which I'm excited about. I've been doing a ton of reading as to what's safe and recommended by the experts. We're dealing with some precious cargo so we want to make sure we're getting what's best for our little one.

 Our next doctors appointment and ultrasound is Monday, October 25th!! We are really looking forward to seeing the baby again! 

Stay tuned for next week - I'll have to come up with a word that rhymes with twelve? That should keep me busy this week!!

Lots of love,
Tonya + Kurt

Monday, October 4, 2010

Salty About Sweets

Last night I came to a realization: I am newly addicted to sugar. I was in bed watching TV, scouring the pantry in my head as to what we had for a treat. We had NOTHING! I started sweating, getting the shakes and immediately I felt uncomfortable. I wasn't sure I'd make it through the night without a sweet treat. I then thought of the baking goods shelf - a light bulb went off inside my head: instant pudding! Furiously whipping up the mix and milk, Kurt walked in the kitchen and caught me! I was ashamed to show the lack of will power I had at that moment. I never liked sweets - I used to prefer a bag of chips not a bag of sugar. I'm blaming all of this on Baby Ames; apparently this little peanut likes his/her sugar! I'll have to perfect my baking skills for birthdays, holidays, sleep-overs and more.

We're at ten weeks today and Baby Ames is the size of a prune. I'm sorry but why do the baby websites have to always equate the size of the baby to something sweet? It's torture for me! 

I'm still feeling great! A bit more hormonal, but even before the baby I would cry at the littlest things - including someone getting kicked of The Apprentice. 

I'm starting to get the "nesting bug." I cleaned out our closet yesterday and it felt amazing. Next week, I'll be focusing on the guest bedroom closet. Speaking of guest bedroom, I'm starting to put together ideas for the nursery! I'll share my ideas once I get a more cohesive plan together!

Also, I know I can be boring so I'm going to have guest writers on here too! Be prepared to read from other view points. And if any of you would like to contribute, please let me know!! The more the merrier, right?

Stay tuned for next week - in the meantime, I'll be enjoying my donuts and cupcakes!