Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Proud Parents

So tonight Kurt and I had Parent Teacher Conferences for Eleanor. I can safely say as far as I was concerned, I was concerned. I was convinced they were going to say she acts up in class, she doesn't listen to instructions, she is behind in her development stages, yada yada yada.

We walked in and the director of our daycare was scurrying to get a classroom empty so we could meet with Eleanor's teachers. I knew it was a bad sign. Why on earth were they panicking? Little did we know we were the ONLY parents in Eleanor's class to meet with the teachers to learn of our child's progress. I told the teachers it was important to us that we were all on the same page and teaching her the same things in the classroom and at home. Consistency is key, right? No need to confuse our little one. 

I am not bragging but we had a glowing meeting regarding our peanut. I knew she was a great child but her teachers are in awe of how great of a toddler she is. 

A few highlights you ask? She loves to sing and dance. She is great with being able to communicate to her teachers as to what her needs are and that's a tool that some children at her age cannot utilize. She knows sign language - please, milk, water, thank you, and more. They said she knows what animals say. They asked her in our meeting, "Eleanor, what does a horse say?" She ran over to us and screamed, "NAAAAAAY!" Kurt and I were shocked? She never does that at home. She is truly blossoming at daycare. 

They said she loves music. We already knew that of course but we didn't know she sang while she colored? They say she always sings while she's doing art! She is the only child in the class that loves circle time where they sing and dance. She's the first to sit down and participate. I think we have a future contestant on American Idol in our not-too-near future. 

What I was most proud of during our meeting this evening was hearing that Eleanor is a genuinely loving child. When her friends are in distress, she offers her binky to them. She knows what soothes her and is willing to give that up to someone who needs it. I just love that about her! She loves giving hugs to her friends and when they are having a timeout from having a tantrum, she goes down and sits next her friend to console him or her. They also say she is very calm when at the table with her friends, eating a snack or lunch. She doesn't scurry away from the table to go play, when she's done. She just sits there in content with her friends. They say that doesn't happen with the other toddlers. 

We knew we had a one of a kind little girl on our hands but I think it's safe to say we were both floored by the feedback that we received. We weren't sure what we were going to hear. Tonight just made us even more confident that daycare was the right choice for her after she turned one and in particular THIS daycare. They are so good to her and thanks to them, she has done nothing but flourish from her experience thus far!

So there you have it - with a lot more love, patience, consistency, time and parenting we might just raise a wonderful young adult!