Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Little Lamb

So we've reached October, Eleanor is 21 weeks as of today and will be five months Oct 10th! The time has flown and Kurt and I are really mastering the art of parenthood, well with an infant at least! Eleanor continues to be an amazing little critter, we are so proud of her accomplishments.

She's starting to giggle at funny things - If you bounce a toy in her face, she does a little belly laugh that is absolutely to die for! She also has tap dancing down, I'm pretty certain she'll be the next Fred Astaire or Paula Abdul. 

She is currently growing into giant status - She's outgrown 6 month clothes and we have her in 9 month and even some 12 month pieces. We're going to be heading down 2T land here before we know it, but yet she has no teeth, cannot speak and of course no hair. HA!

She is starting to get a little freaked out by strangers. If someone new holds her she starts to cry so we're trying to take her out for lunches and breakfasts more often so she is used to seeing strangers. Don't be alarmed if the next time you hold her she cries, she's just adapting to meeting new people. And let's be honest, it can be difficult being comfortable with a new face, esp if they are holding you! 

Eleanor is LOVING cartoons, we let her watch PBS on Saturdays and we have purchased her a couple DVDs - Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street. She also loves when we read to her so we're trying to read to her more and more so she can enjoy that intimate time with mommy or daddy. Even last night, I read her the latest tabloid and she's all up to speed as to what's going on in Hollywood. She was particularly interested in the potential split between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

Shakespeare has been on his best behavior with her! We have been very proud of his lack of barking and his less protective nature. I think he's starting to get into a rhythm with our new neighbors and their many many visitors and also with having a new little baby in our house.

I'm currently typing this with Eleanor's feet on my forearm. She's kicking and sliding them. It's pretty cute. I love how snugly she is with us!!

Eleanor is going to be a lamb for Halloween - I think most of you have seen pictures of her that I've sent. She is SO CUTE in it!! I hope to get some more pics with pumpkins and mums for you to enjoy! Stay tuned for many more photo shoots!

Oh, and one more highlight, Eleanor is a professional with flipping over. She can do it now second nature. She even sleeps on her side now, which is pretty cute. She's growing up too fast! 

So that is where we are at the 5 month point. I am very nostalgic of last year at this time as Kurt and I were just getting into our pregnancy. It's fun to think where we were last year at this time and now where we are! So many unknowns, so many exciting things we were anticipating - now we're here and loving every moment! 

Hope we get to see you all very soon! Our goal to spend as much time as we possibly can with all of our family as it's important for Eleanor to create many memories with her loved ones!!

Have an amazing start to your fall - And please keep in touch with what is going on in your lives too!

Lots of Love,
The Ames Family