Monday, February 28, 2011

Special Holiday

Week 31 folks - we've hit the single digit weekly countdown until the baby joins us. We have another guest writer this week that has contributed a little something special to the peanut. Kurt and I want to thank all of you for adding a little something special to the blog. Whether it be a formal posting, a comment after a week of my tangents, or even a special phone call commenting on our words - we REALLY appreciate all the support! Feel free if you want to add anything, this is for all of us - as we're in this journey together. Have a great week and enjoy this little note to Baby Ames...

Sweet Baby Ames,

We are about to celebrate a very special day. It is the day of your birth. This day is called your birthday. When you arrive all your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and puppies will want to come and visit you bringing love, hugs, and gifts. This will be your very own special day that you alone will have. Everyone who touches your life will be given a special mark in their hearts that only you can give.
Grandpa and Grandma Ames want you to stay safe and warm in Mommy's belly until you want to announce to the world that you are ready to join us. Perhaps when that night arrives we will be able to look far into the heavens and see a bright light that guides us to you.
Awaiting your special holiday,
Grandpa and Grandma Ames

Monday, February 21, 2011

No More Wire Hangers

We are now officially in the 30's! We are at Week 30. They say the baby is ready to join the world by Week 37 but full gestation is through Week 40. So really, we could have the baby anywhere between 7-10 weeks from now. Wow, it gives me butterflies thinking of how quickly Baby Ames will be here! 

I have a saint for a husband. I think most of you know that, but let me explain a little further. Saturday morning we got up early to run errands around the city and neither of us were in a great mood. I decided to call off the errand running bc the last thing I wanted to do is fight on a Saturday. Here's the equation I wanted to avoid: 2 cranky soon-to-be parents + a stressful errand run around Chicago = not a good weekend. 

The catalyst of my cranky behavior was that the house had so much clutter and stuff that I just thought I'd blow. I cannot stand living in clutter and I'd reached my boiling point. I got out of the car, walked up stairs (while Kurt ran a couple neighborhood errands) and I went "Joan Crawford aka Mommy Dearest" on our cabinets and closets. I threw away at least three black trash bags of junk and I think Shakespeare thought I was possessed by the devil for that brief moment. (no joke, he was shaking)

Kurt came back up to the house and while he was out and about, he got me a soothing tea and also gave me a hug, seeing me in the midst of all the clutter and soon-to-be trash. What a husband!! I told him I didn't know what had gotten into me but I just could not live with the clutter anymore. He attempted to tell me that I'm "nesting." While I love his thought process, I'm not quite sure if I have a maternal bone in my body? Regardless, the house is spic and span now and I challenge each of you to the closet and cabinet test upon your next visit.

The nursery is 99% complete, we're just waiting on one more piece of furniture - the rocker! It feels good to have things done but now I just keep torturing myself by going in there and imagining the days to come with our little peanut. I turn on the lamps every day pretending that he/she is already here.  

So the moral of the story is, I have an amazing husband that takes good care of me. A few weeks ago we started a "Grateful Journal" where each day we write three things that we're grateful for. Well, February 19th, 2011 stated all things Kurt Ames bc I'm truly grateful for him.

Hopefully your week doesn't consist of Joan Crawford moments but yet you realize all the little things that make you grateful bc we all are truly blessed. Whether it be an amazing spouse, a loving pet or an old friend to make you laugh - I think we all can agree, Life is Good!

Lots of love,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Little Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our loved ones! We're at week 29 and our little Valentine is anywhere between 3-4 lbs right now, the size of a squash. No news to report - but everyone is doing great!

We have another contributor to the blog this week! It makes Kurt and I feel so good to know all the love that this baby will have immediately when he/she joins us in this world. Thank you for your continued support and we love you all.

Dear Baby Ames/Peanut:

Your Mom and Dad, who love you very much call you, “our peanut.”

We are so excited to meet you. We have no idea of who you are, will you have Mom’s spirit and curiosity, will you have a BIG HEART like your Dad, and his strength? You will know love and respect.

I have to admit I would be glad if you were a girl as I had three boys and all the grandchildren are boys, but if you are a boy that’s great too, you’ll have plenty of playmates!

You are already special and I am planning on how to make your life more happy and fun. I am thinking of all the books we will share, and going for some walks, playing games, and watching movies!

We have been broken in by your cousin Landen, so we should be very at ease with you, and not to be afraid, we will know how to feed you and change your diaper and make you very comfortable and loved.

I know you will grow up to be a Bears fan! But maybe when you visit and the Packers are on, you will watch with us.

We would love to take you camping, and we can all go boating. And Grandpa would love to take you on the snowmobile and play in the snow.


Waiting anxiously,
Grandma and Grandpa Thompson

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Puppy" Love

We were sitting around the dinner table the other night having just enjoyed another fine meal when we realized a strange quiet in the adjacent room.  It was the same quiet that by memory led us to discover our children engaging in some sort of mischief.  Having no children in our house except two toy fox terriers, our curiosity was still peaked.  We quietly crept into the room to discover our little ones peacefully enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.
It is not unusual for their little bodies to be attracted to any heat source during the cold Iowa winter months.  This time there was something unusual.  They were not lying on the rug but were sitting facing each other as though they were engaged in conversation.
Having had the pleasure of their company for better than ten years, we understand them and imagine the jest of their discussion went something like this.   Maddie and Marley both noticed that Tonya, who had just spent a weekend with us, had a special glow about her.  They sensed that a miracle was in the making.  They were curious why she would quite often rub her stomach and giggle about some sort of strange but exciting movements.  Suddenly they realized the nature of the miracle as a family addition was in route.  Tonya was going to have a puppy!!
 They had never experienced motherhood except when nurtured as puppies.  They recall a loving mother and a protective father.  They remember playful moments with their brothers and sisters.
They remembered when Tonya brought Shakespeare home with her the first time. How he loved to tease and chase them.   They hoped that Tonya and Kurt’s new “puppy” wouldn’t tease them the way Shakespeare does.  They want Tonya and Kurt’s new “puppy” to pet them and give them treats the way Schyler does. They really hoped that Tonya and Kurt’s “puppy” doesn’t go to the kennel if they go on a trip but can come to our house to play.
Maddie and Marley will be shocked when Baby Ames arrives and looks nothings like Shakespeare.
Well now you hear it from another perspective.  Congratulations Tonya, Kurt, and Shakes.  Enjoy your miracle!           

Love, Mom and Dad Lazar