Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Little Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our loved ones! We're at week 29 and our little Valentine is anywhere between 3-4 lbs right now, the size of a squash. No news to report - but everyone is doing great!

We have another contributor to the blog this week! It makes Kurt and I feel so good to know all the love that this baby will have immediately when he/she joins us in this world. Thank you for your continued support and we love you all.

Dear Baby Ames/Peanut:

Your Mom and Dad, who love you very much call you, “our peanut.”

We are so excited to meet you. We have no idea of who you are, will you have Mom’s spirit and curiosity, will you have a BIG HEART like your Dad, and his strength? You will know love and respect.

I have to admit I would be glad if you were a girl as I had three boys and all the grandchildren are boys, but if you are a boy that’s great too, you’ll have plenty of playmates!

You are already special and I am planning on how to make your life more happy and fun. I am thinking of all the books we will share, and going for some walks, playing games, and watching movies!

We have been broken in by your cousin Landen, so we should be very at ease with you, and not to be afraid, we will know how to feed you and change your diaper and make you very comfortable and loved.

I know you will grow up to be a Bears fan! But maybe when you visit and the Packers are on, you will watch with us.

We would love to take you camping, and we can all go boating. And Grandpa would love to take you on the snowmobile and play in the snow.


Waiting anxiously,
Grandma and Grandpa Thompson

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