Monday, February 7, 2011

"Puppy" Love

We were sitting around the dinner table the other night having just enjoyed another fine meal when we realized a strange quiet in the adjacent room.  It was the same quiet that by memory led us to discover our children engaging in some sort of mischief.  Having no children in our house except two toy fox terriers, our curiosity was still peaked.  We quietly crept into the room to discover our little ones peacefully enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.
It is not unusual for their little bodies to be attracted to any heat source during the cold Iowa winter months.  This time there was something unusual.  They were not lying on the rug but were sitting facing each other as though they were engaged in conversation.
Having had the pleasure of their company for better than ten years, we understand them and imagine the jest of their discussion went something like this.   Maddie and Marley both noticed that Tonya, who had just spent a weekend with us, had a special glow about her.  They sensed that a miracle was in the making.  They were curious why she would quite often rub her stomach and giggle about some sort of strange but exciting movements.  Suddenly they realized the nature of the miracle as a family addition was in route.  Tonya was going to have a puppy!!
 They had never experienced motherhood except when nurtured as puppies.  They recall a loving mother and a protective father.  They remember playful moments with their brothers and sisters.
They remembered when Tonya brought Shakespeare home with her the first time. How he loved to tease and chase them.   They hoped that Tonya and Kurt’s new “puppy” wouldn’t tease them the way Shakespeare does.  They want Tonya and Kurt’s new “puppy” to pet them and give them treats the way Schyler does. They really hoped that Tonya and Kurt’s “puppy” doesn’t go to the kennel if they go on a trip but can come to our house to play.
Maddie and Marley will be shocked when Baby Ames arrives and looks nothings like Shakespeare.
Well now you hear it from another perspective.  Congratulations Tonya, Kurt, and Shakes.  Enjoy your miracle!           

Love, Mom and Dad Lazar

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