Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Letter To My Unborn Child

Dear Baby,

Hey there! I’m your “quiet” parent but don’t get used to it.  Once I get to know you a bit better, you will wonder if I will ever shut up. So, I understand your Mom and I will be seeing you in about 90 days. I hope that excites you as much as it excites us.

I wonder often what you will look like (hopefully your Mom) but more often wonder what you will be thinking once you enter this world? I’m sure it has to be a shock to your system when you enter the room we are all sitting, staring at you….will you cry?  Will you scream?  Or will you come out and bump fists with me?  Either way, don’t be worried about crying, screaming or being confused. We plan on guiding you thru life - you will be just fine.

Your arrival has put your Mom and I in a frenzy to get things done. We are in the process of cleaning out your closet. I made sure there were no “monsters” in there. We know you will be receiving a lot of gifts, clothes and toys - you need a place to put them.  We also joined a church this weekend, our faith is very important to us and we will explain more at another time….but they had some yummy chocolate chip bars there - I’m sure you will love them.

I could go on forever about our plans to be great parents and all the fun we intend on having with you upon your arrival but please just be patient. Stay in there until you are good and healthy - we would rather wait until you are ready.  Just know we are here and are expecting to be ready when you are!


PS - If you aren't busy tomorrow, I may need some help shoveling as we are expecting a blizzard.

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