Monday, May 30, 2011

Add Another Weekend To Our Newborn Experience

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! Hope your weekend found you with loved ones and fond memories. Kurt and I find this holiday weekend to be very special to us as we appreciate all those folks who put their lives on the line for the safety our country. I have to say, now that Eleanor is in the picture it makes me even more thankful for what our troops do and I wouldn't have thought that was possible as I've always been appreciative.

Eleanor is really adjusting to the "real world" since three weeks ago. She has mastered the art of letting us know when she's hungry and she's a pro with keeping her eyes open for more than thirty minutes these days! It's looking like she'll be Kurt's brown-eyed girl as they don't seem to get any lighter than the blue-gray color when she was born but only darker. She continues to grow as she's starting to fit into 3-6 month clothing already. She's so long in the body that she needs that length to fit into things. 

We had a great holiday weekend - And a busy one at that! Friday, Kurt took the day off and we went down to my office to show her off a bit with my colleagues. There she experienced her first escalator ride. When we drove up Michigan Avenue on the way home, I got weepy-eyed explaining to her just down the street she was born and changed our lives in the best way possible. We also had our first day out where we grabbed lunch and took her furniture shopping. We used the Baby Bjorn which is a godsend! Seriously it's amazing to travel around with a baby strapped to you - So easy!

Kurt and I have really been making a point of being mobile with her. We don't want her to dictate too much of what we do and don't do. This weekend we've done a diaper change in the car and she's been fed twice in pubic (thank goodness I'm not breast feeding). She's been awesome with the anti-imprisonment at home thus far! We understand that can change with time but for now, we'll enjoy our freedom with E!

Today she got her first "real" bath as her umbilical cord has fallen off. Prior to today she was doing the sponge bath on the counter in the kitchen. Today she did a bath in the bath tub in a little bath chair that we registered for. She hated it but who wouldn't without an US Weekly and some Mr. Bubble like her mommy usually enjoys!

So again, we are learning as we go. I told Kurt today, I'm sure we've done a few things the wrong way but overall I'm proud that we've really learned to care for her on our own as we both have zero experience with newborns. And we truly are lucky to have such a laid back little lady giving us the space and time to learn as we go.

Hopefully your weekend was similar in terms of productivity and great memories with family.

We hope we can all see you soon and you too can indulge in a little bit of Eleanor!

Much love,
Tonya + Kurt

Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Baby Manicures and a Handful of Explosive Poopy Diapers - We're Adjusting!

It's crazy to think that Eleanor is going to be 2 weeks old already as of tomorrow. In that time, it's amazing to see her develop as a baby and Kurt and I to grow as parents. Today Eleanor sat her her Boppy for 30 minutes and looked around the room. Now I know that she cannot see too far but to me it was a milestone that she kept her eyes open for that long! She's starting to become less of a newborn and more of an infant. It's slightly bittersweet that she's developing and time is flying. 

We've taken her on two walks since she was born and I hope to take her on many more throughout my maternity leave. Friday, Kurt went with us girls and today I went with my girlfriend, Karoline, for a walk and lunch. Shame on me for depending on Kurt to open up the stroller! After 20 minutes of finagling buttons, contraptions etc on the stroller I had to call him to get his explicit instructions on how to unfold the stroller. Goodness, how embarrassing! At least we know the stroller is child proof! HA!

This past Saturday we had professional pictures taken of our family. Eleanor did GREAT! She's definitely got that mommy gene in her - loving to ham it up in front of the camera. I was very proud of her and three and a half hours later I was amazed how quickly the time passed. 

Kurt has been periodically taking time off from work as he gets ten days of paternity leave - Which is amazing! He took last Friday off and we enjoyed a nice walk and lunch in our neighborhood. He is also taking this Friday off so we'll have a four day weekend together as a family. It's amazing how much we miss him while he's at work!

Our daughter has really been a blessing. She doesn't make a peep unless she needs a diaper change or needs to be fed. She usually just snuggles up with us and either sleeps or just takes it all in. We've had a couple speed bumps with her fussiness but if that's all we are dealt, we'll take it!

So overall, I'd say we've adjusted and discovered a rhythm with Eleanor. Yes, we've had our moments of blow out poopy diapers or the stress of clipping her nails but we've truly mastered the art of learning as we go. And Eleanor has truly mastered the art of being patient as we learn.

Lots of love,
The Ames Family

Monday, May 16, 2011

Please Welcome, Eleanor Virginia Ames

We're baaaaack! And we're pleased to announce that we were pleasantly surprised with a baby girl born on Tuesday, May 10th at 2:12pm. 

The labor and delivery went better than planned - I braved through the first seven hours without the epidural and then by much persuasion from the nurse and my husband I caved in to the medication. Around 12:30pm I was feeling some VERY strong contractions and pressure in my butt - The nurse came in to see how I was feeling bc my contractions were 2 minutes apart. I told her my symptoms and she said, "Why didn't you call us, you're ready to push." Kurt and I were shocked that it was time to push already - things went quicker than we anticipated. So the doctor came in to access the situation and confirmed the nurse's prediction and it was game time! After 30-40 minutes of pushing, we were given the most amazing gift we've ever received - Eleanor Virginia. She weighed 7lbs 4oz and was 21.5 inches long. 

We're really adjusting to the new addition to our household. Eleanor has been such a great little newborn thus far (knock on wood). She's a good sleeper, a good eater, and a good snuggler. Kurt and I have been typical parents - panicked when she makes even the slightest peep! We'll get used to the new sounds and movements she makes, but in the meantime we'll continue to stare at her to calm us down.

Kurt has been such an amazing daddy. I have fallen in love all over with him again (I didn't even know that was possible?) watching him fall in love with our daughter. He has been extremely hands on with everything! His first diaper change was in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. He didn't want to wake me up and instead he just did it! All he wants to do his snuggle and feed her, I couldn't be happier! He said to me last week that he couldn't imagine having a boy now that he has a girl - And I know what he's talking about!

We had our first week doctors appointment today, we met with Eleanor's pediatrician. He is absolutely great! We have a healthy little baby girl on our hands. He was impressed she could hold her own pacifier and her jaundice wasn't even an issue as it was last week. Our doctor also specializes in asthma (we found out by chance) which is good bc Kurt grew up with asthma and there's a slight chance Eleanor could do the same. We feel comfort knowing we have such a great doctor to look over our daughter's health.

Aside from the good news we had quite a comical day. Before we left the house, we had exorcist baby that decided to projectile all over her freshly clothed body and mommy. So we rushed around the house changing everyone's clothes! Then we got into the doctors office, per the nurse we were to undress Eleanor all but her diaper. Well color me poopy, there was a diaper that was filled with the most poop we'd seen to date! So ten thousand baby wipes and 2 diapers later we had a clean butt, ready for the doctor. 

Tomorrow Kurt goes back to work and he's already requested email updates on his daughter and pictures of her every hour on the hour. I gladly concede to his requests as his two ladies will truly miss him!

We want to thank all of you who have had the chance to make the trip to meet our leading lady and for the sweet messages and phone calls. It really means a lot to us to have your love and support! She is lucky to have all of you in her life!

Tomorrow is a special day as it's Eleanor's 1 week birthday and Daddy's 35th birthday. Please join me in wishing the two loves of my life a VERY special day!

In the meantime, we will keep you updated on our daughter's progress - Hopefully we can continue the Monday tradition of this blog! Thanks again everyone for the love you're sending our way, words cannot express our appreciation!

Much love,
Kurt, Tonya + Eleanor

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lordy Lordy Look Who's 40 (Weeks That Is)

Yes, it's true. Today is our baby's due date and I'm still cooking this little monkey.  We had our final doctor's appointment this morning. The baby's head continues to drop but no other news. This baby is really planning on staying put until he/she has no choice but to be forced out. Please say a prayer that we don't have to be induced next Monday. The doctor said it usually equates in about 24 hours of labor before he/she makes it into the world and there is a high chance after all of that labor, it could result in a C-Section.

Well, Kurt and I came home tonight to our power being out in the back half of our house. Sounds romantic but in reality it's a recipe for disaster, especially if I start going into early labor. The kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom all have NO power. So our alarms won't work for bed tonight, we are peeing in the dark, and we cannot cook anything for dinner. On the bright side, (no pun intended) I was able to take a candle lit bath tonight.

That's about it for us - Sorry for the short entry, but thinking about all of this is a bit agonizing for me. I am really anxious to have this baby. Please keep us in your prayers and hopefully sometime this week we'll have calls, texts and emails announcing the time has finally come for us to introduce you to our little peanut.

Until then, we will stay busy and stay positive!

Lots of love,
Tonya + Kurt