Monday, May 23, 2011

Two Baby Manicures and a Handful of Explosive Poopy Diapers - We're Adjusting!

It's crazy to think that Eleanor is going to be 2 weeks old already as of tomorrow. In that time, it's amazing to see her develop as a baby and Kurt and I to grow as parents. Today Eleanor sat her her Boppy for 30 minutes and looked around the room. Now I know that she cannot see too far but to me it was a milestone that she kept her eyes open for that long! She's starting to become less of a newborn and more of an infant. It's slightly bittersweet that she's developing and time is flying. 

We've taken her on two walks since she was born and I hope to take her on many more throughout my maternity leave. Friday, Kurt went with us girls and today I went with my girlfriend, Karoline, for a walk and lunch. Shame on me for depending on Kurt to open up the stroller! After 20 minutes of finagling buttons, contraptions etc on the stroller I had to call him to get his explicit instructions on how to unfold the stroller. Goodness, how embarrassing! At least we know the stroller is child proof! HA!

This past Saturday we had professional pictures taken of our family. Eleanor did GREAT! She's definitely got that mommy gene in her - loving to ham it up in front of the camera. I was very proud of her and three and a half hours later I was amazed how quickly the time passed. 

Kurt has been periodically taking time off from work as he gets ten days of paternity leave - Which is amazing! He took last Friday off and we enjoyed a nice walk and lunch in our neighborhood. He is also taking this Friday off so we'll have a four day weekend together as a family. It's amazing how much we miss him while he's at work!

Our daughter has really been a blessing. She doesn't make a peep unless she needs a diaper change or needs to be fed. She usually just snuggles up with us and either sleeps or just takes it all in. We've had a couple speed bumps with her fussiness but if that's all we are dealt, we'll take it!

So overall, I'd say we've adjusted and discovered a rhythm with Eleanor. Yes, we've had our moments of blow out poopy diapers or the stress of clipping her nails but we've truly mastered the art of learning as we go. And Eleanor has truly mastered the art of being patient as we learn.

Lots of love,
The Ames Family

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  1. Eleanor is going to be a great teacher!! Teaching to look thru the eyes of a child....all kinds of things that have been too busy to remember or to do!