Monday, May 2, 2011

Lordy Lordy Look Who's 40 (Weeks That Is)

Yes, it's true. Today is our baby's due date and I'm still cooking this little monkey.  We had our final doctor's appointment this morning. The baby's head continues to drop but no other news. This baby is really planning on staying put until he/she has no choice but to be forced out. Please say a prayer that we don't have to be induced next Monday. The doctor said it usually equates in about 24 hours of labor before he/she makes it into the world and there is a high chance after all of that labor, it could result in a C-Section.

Well, Kurt and I came home tonight to our power being out in the back half of our house. Sounds romantic but in reality it's a recipe for disaster, especially if I start going into early labor. The kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom all have NO power. So our alarms won't work for bed tonight, we are peeing in the dark, and we cannot cook anything for dinner. On the bright side, (no pun intended) I was able to take a candle lit bath tonight.

That's about it for us - Sorry for the short entry, but thinking about all of this is a bit agonizing for me. I am really anxious to have this baby. Please keep us in your prayers and hopefully sometime this week we'll have calls, texts and emails announcing the time has finally come for us to introduce you to our little peanut.

Until then, we will stay busy and stay positive!

Lots of love,
Tonya + Kurt

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