Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 39, Isn't it Time?

Girl or boy, we are certain this peanut is definitely a stubborn little Taurus! Today I had my 39 Week appointment and the doctor has confirmed there's a high chance the baby will be overdue and we won't have him/her until Week 41. The baby has given no hints that he/she will be a bit early or even born on our due date of May 2nd.

I was having a feeling that'd be the type of news I would hear, so I proactively had a chat with him or her last night explaining that there would be fun things to do outside of my uterus such as playing with Shakespeare, snuggling with Daddy and going for long walks in the neighborhood with Mommy on beautiful days. Apparently that's not important to him or her. I know I'm pleasant to be around and all but come on already!

I have to say, the waiting has been the most difficult part of my pregnancy. Especially now that we are getting down to the wire. Being the positive spirited person that I am, I've challenge myself with staying positive and reminding myself that everything happens for a reason. It's clear that God has a special plan for Baby Ames. I will try to patiently wait for that plan to take action.

How was everyone's Easter? Kurt and I had a great Sunday - We kicked it off with the early church service and it was so packed we ended up sitting front-row. Well, if that doesn't wake you up, I don't know what will! It was a beautiful service and then we came home and Kurt cooked a yummy ham! We had a nice dinner the two of us! Later we dyed Easter eggs and I tortured Shakespeare with wearing his bunny ears. I counted, that was the fifth year we have dyed Easter eggs together - we have quite the tradition going!

Next holiday up is Mothers Day - I have to admit, I was really looking forward to enjoying my first Mother's Day with our baby. I'm kind of bummed it's looking like Baby Ames will grace us with his/her presence after this special holiday. Oh well, there's next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, and the year after that and so forth.

I've decided to start taking Wednesdays off until we have Baby Ames. I think it'll be a nice break in the week for me. It's been so busy at work and I've been so focused, I could really use a mental pause from work. So the next two Wednesdays will be filled with things I can do around the house, relaxing, and spending quality time with our pup before he starts feeling like a second class citizen.

So that is where we are at 39 Weeks. Baby Ames has decided to extend his/her stay at the "Ritz Carlton of uteruses" and not join us quite yet. Little does he/she know I have all these fun plans for us while I'm on maternity leave and after! Oh well...until then I'll continue to stay positive (bc that's all you can really do, right?) and enjoy these last few moments of "me" time.

Hope your week is filled with moments of "me" time and we'll definitely keep you posted if any "hints" come up along the way from our little peanut.

Lots of love to all,

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