Monday, April 11, 2011

I Carried a Watermelon

If you are a fan of the movie Dirty Dancing, you'll know of the movie line "I carried a watermelon." Being a huge fan of the movie, I was quite excited today to find out I'm currently carrying a watermelon. Well that's the size of Baby Ames this week!

We're at 37 Weeks and I'm officially full-term. That means I can have baby any day now and the baby is fully developed minus the extra baby fat that he/she will accumulate over the next few weeks. I went to the doctor today to do my weekly exam and we are 1 centimeter dilated. Now it doesn't really mean that much bc you can be dilated for a few weeks before you go into labor, but it's a start! 

This weekend I could feel my hips widening as it's difficult to pop up from the couch and move as quickly as I'm used to. Now my bones are adjusting, making me move a little bit slower. I've never loved the walls and dressers so much as they are my helpers in getting me around the house. And handrails are a godsend - that's saying a lot considering I'm the biggest germ-a-phobe on the planet. 

Kurt and I did a final run to Babies R Us this weekend to pick up odds and ends so we're 100% ready for our little peanut to arrive. Even though I had a list and knew what I wanted to get, I can safely say I was still overwhelmed in that store. There is just SO much to choose from and it's hard to decipher what we should get. I'm sure there will be a few more trips after the baby is born too once we figure out what we're missing. For now, we have the big chunks to get us by - socks, hats, mittens, diapers, onesies, etc. 

Our child has the best daddy in the whole world. He's so particular of the safety of everything that our child will be "riding" in. He even has an appointment with the police station on Wednesday to check the safety of our car seat and ensure that it was installed correctly! I'm surprised Kurt hasn't gotten a helmet and knee pads for the baby to wear immediately after he/she is born! 

I've been getting more and more tired these days. This weekend both days I was exhausted by 3pm! Speaking of weekends, up until now we have filled them with long to-do lists since we found out we were pregnant in preparation for our baby.  Now we are finally seeing a bit of downtime and we both shamefully admitted yesterday afternoon that we were bored. Pre Baby Ames we would relish in downtime with the remote control and a blanket - now we want to be doing things. We must be getting ourselves prepared for the activity levels we'll need to have with our little monkey.

So that is that - 37 Weeks, 1 centimeter dilated and happy as ever! I have the best husband on the planet, I don't take him for granted a day in my life! I'm nostalgic of my favorite movie, Sound of Music and thinking of the duet Maria and the Captain sang, "Something Good" Bc truly somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done "something good" to deserve this wonderful life.

Hope your weeks are filled with all things good - and if you have some downtime and a chance to watch either movie I've referenced in this week's blog, I highly recommend. You cannot go wrong with either choice!

Much love,


  1. T................I am going to dirty dance with a watermelon!

    great blog as always