Monday, April 18, 2011

38 is Great!

We have reached 38 weeks and yet no sign of Baby Ames joining us. Apparently this little monkey doesn’t believe in Lombardi time – which is something I’m very familiar with growing up in the Lazar Household. We will have to teach him/her the importance of being a tad bit on the early side.

I had my doctor’s appointment this morning and the doctor predicted I will be having the baby around my due date of May 2nd if not a little bit later. If we go to May 2nd that we week we will be induced.

I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed it’s not sooner as I’ve been feeling more contractions, cramping and back pain. I assumed my body was getting me ready for labor! My hopes were up a bit thinking we’d greet our peanut before May! But on the flip side, at least we know we will truly be going to May 2nd. No more of the sitting on pins and needles over here.

This weekend Kurt played Fire Warden at the Ames Household and put up new smoke detectors and changed out light bulbs! I think we’re going to get him a vest with a patch that reads, “Safety First” and a whistle to blow if any of us are violating any of the safety rules and regulations. He sure has taken the safety thing quite seriously – I have to say, I appreciate it though. All of his hard work allows me to sleep better at night!

Speaking of sleep – I must have been tired this weekend bc I slept from 10pm on Saturday night until 11am on Sunday? Sheez! I think the 3rd trimester and my go-go-go schedule has started to clash!

Tonight Kurt and I are squeezing in a Cubs game before the baby arrives! I’m quite excited! We have pretty good seats behind home plate – and even though it’s rainy, it just gives us an excuse to cuddle while we watch our favorite baseball team start their week off.

An office poll was taken today by a colleague and we’re looking at 5 think we’re having a boy and 8 think we’re having a girl. Looks like we’ll know more in about two weeks what the truth holds. Until then, Kurt and I will enjoy each other’s company and some beauty sleep!

Hope everyone has a great week!


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