Monday, April 4, 2011

It's a Boy or It's a Girl - Which is it?

I think it's safe to say Kurt and I are on pins and needles over here wondering if we're having a boy or a girl. Up until recently, I've been pretty patient awaiting the news but now I can barely keep my composure. I'm really uncertain as to what we're having, shouldn't I have some sort of motherly intuition or something? Especially considering this little monkey is inside me!

Two strangers this weekend said with conviction that we're having a girl. Of course, Kurt ignored their predictions just as Shakespeare ignores the protruding bump I'm currently carrying around! At first I thought Kurt kept telling me we're having a boy bc he wanted to do all the father-son things like take him to Cubs games, throw the ball around or challenge him in John Madden's Football on the Playstation, but I'm starting to think he's afraid of what he'll do with our daughter's suitors? I have a weird suspicion he's going to be crazy protective if we have a girl. 

We had our 36 Week visit - The doctor did an ultrasound and concluded that the baby's head has dropped (meaning, it's in place for delivery) and that my cervix is starting to thin (meaning, it's getting ready to dilate). While we were there, she asked us if we had any questions and I felt silly bc we didn't really have any questions. Shouldn't we have a notebook filled with things to ask? I told her, we were just excited to take it as it comes our way. 

I did ask her how long she thinks it would be until we have the baby. She said that generally if it's your first baby, it's anywhere between 40 and 41 weeks. Kurt and I are very punctual so I guess we'll see if our child takes after us in this capacity. Our doctor did say, it could really happen at any time. The anticipation is KILLING us!

I now go to weekly visits with the doctor and they continue to check to see if I'm dilating, etc. I know it's crazy to say but I really want the time to fly. It's not bc I'm uncomfortable or anything; I just want to meet our little peanut! 

One thing I'd really like to squeeze in before we have this little bambino, is to go to a Cubs game - just me and my husband! It's something that I think we both cherish doing together and they just got a new food menu, why not take advantage of my teenage appetite and enjoy a "last supper" at Wrigley?

So we have four more weeks left. I keep equating our weekly countdown to the of the end of a basketball game when people start counting down the seconds 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. We are at four?!! Soon enough we're going to have to hail the final shot before the buzzer goes off!

And when the buzzer does go off - we'll FINALLY find out if we're on Team Pink or Team Blue! Although I think it's safe to say, ether team is a winning team and we're certain to have lots of fans! 

With love,
Tonya + Kurt

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  1. Great blog, as usual. It's so close now!! I have my thoughts on what you are having - but I will hold my prediction until after the fact! :)

    Go Butler!