Monday, March 28, 2011

It's The Final Countdown

This is a fun week! We're at 35 weeks and just 35 days until Baby Ames' is ready to grace us with his/her presence. I'm starting to feel some pressure in my tailbone, which according to my husband - the avid google researcher, is pretty typical. We have our big 36 week appointment next Monday. They do a final ultrasound to see what position the baby is in. They also discuss the birthing plan! Based on my calculations of hiccups, jabs and turns - the baby's head is down!

A few fun things happened this weekend! My friend Kourtney, who is a talented photographer, came over to take some shots of me and Baby Ames. Shakespeare, being the camera hog that he is, tried to take over the photo shoot - a couple times he was almost sequestered to "timeout." I'm anxious to see how the photographs turned out - And I'm even more anxious to show Baby Ames one day that he/she was in my tummy at that point! 

My google researcher husband also showed his handy side and put together our baby stroller on Saturday. I absolutely LOVE it! I cannot wait to put it to good use this spring and summer and walk my thighs back into shape with our darling dear peanut. Which by the way, I'm convinced I'm not having a boy or a girl but instead an octopus! This thing has eight legs based on the activity I'm feeling.

This weekend we also were involved in our first church commitment since being new members. Kurt and I were greeters at the door on Sunday! We got to welcome all the members with a warm smile and a friendly handshake. Little did we know, we had two guests surprise us! It was Grandma and Grandpa Lazar (my mom and dad). They had a wedding in Dubuque on Saturday night and decided to head towards Chicago for a quick visit. We had a lovely brunch after church and got to laugh and indulge in yumminess. 

Our hospital bags are packed - I've chosen Baby Ames' going home outfit and gotten all of our travel goodies together so we don't have to scramble last minute. The only thing we have to do yet is put in the infant car seat - and then get it checked by the fire department to ensure that it's properly put in!

If you haven't noticed, we sure are ready for this little octopus! I'm not certain Shakespeare is, he spent the better half of the Sunday sitting on the nursery rug glaring at the stroller. He also got disheveled when I showed Kurt what our child would be wearing home from the hospital. I think reality is starting to settle in with him.

To recap this week's blog entry - It's safe to say Kurt and I don't think we've ever been happier in our lives! We have been so blessed with each week and having such great things happen. I can only imagine what it will be like when we have a little octopus to love too! Thank you for your continued love and support! It's priceless in our minds!

Much love,
Tonya + Kurt

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