Monday, March 7, 2011

Childhood is Calling

We are at 32 weeks today and Baby Ames is the size of a squash. It's amazing the activity that the baby is starting to undertake. I swear he/she just does flips and turns all day long. And at times the baby tends to kick an organ here and there. I've also had to move a limb away from my rib cage by squeezing down on my belly like I would a tube of toothpaste! This baby is a ball of energy! They say it's a good thing that he/she is so active so we'll take it.

This weekend we had the pleasure to stroll down memory lane with a few good friends. We went to Des Moines to see my good friend, Mary Berdo, get inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Girls State Tournament. I think we laughed nearly the entire time! Basketball was such a large part of my childhood and that was something that Mary and I enjoyed together. We were teammates from 7th grade until we graduated high school. She was with me during my "bad perms and braces" years and still loves me. Now that's a friend.

We really enjoyed turning the pages of our childhood and talking with our parents of all the fun times we endured. It made me giddy inside knowing that my child will soon embark in similar memories with friends and family just as I have. I'm super anxious to be with him/her every step of the way! And I have a feeling they will be warm memories just as I have of my childhood that we'll be sharing with our peanut.

Being pregnant has really brought a lot of things to the forefront that I had locked away in my treasure chest of memories. It's been so rewarding going through these 32 weeks and thinking about my childhood vs the one our child will soon have. So many things will be different yet I hope we share a commonality - and that's good friends, warm memories and a ton of laughter!

So we have 8 weeks left until we start the new journey of childhood and laughter. On our car ride home from Iowa I told Kurt this was the last road trip we'd take without our baby. From here on out, it's the three of us - well four of us counting Shakespeare. I don't think Shakes was too keen on the idea of sharing a backseat with Baby Ames.  Regardless, we're keen on sharing treasured memories with our soon-to-be son or daughter!

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  1. I wouldn't have traded you in during your braces and bad perms for anyone! You are the best! xoxo