Monday, March 21, 2011

We Have Quite the Wiggle Worm

Six more weeks until Baby Ames arrives and let's been honest folks - it could really happen any day! But let's just say Baby Ames is patient (unlike his/her mommy) and decides to wait until the due date of May 2nd. That would mean we have 42 days to wait for the little peanut to join us in this amazing world.

The baby continues to wiggle around per usual. I swear he/she got up around 5:30am on Sunday to do some calisthenics for a good hour and a half in my uterus! Many of my friends and family have admitted to liking the way it feels to have the baby move around but I have to disagree. I'm not really into the kidney punch here and the jousting of the ribs there. I know it's a good sign but, sheez this monkey has some power - more than I have at age 33!

This weekend we were blessed with having a shower with friends and family here in Chicago. We had such a good time laughing and eating and then laughing and eating again. I really have to say, I have an amazing set of friends. They really put together a baby shower that I didn't even know could exist. Schyler got to feel her cousin kick a few times, I was happy she got to experience that! It's well worth the gut punch from Baby Ames' limb. 

The baby's rocking chair came in on Thursday evening, just in time for the celebration of Baby Ames! Before we know it, we'll be "rocking out" with our little newborn in the nursery. I'm tempted to try out the chair and start reading some of the children's books we've received as gifts! Practice makes perfect, right?

We got a slew of baby bottles, bibs, blankets, and more this weekend so I would say we truly are ready for D Day.  While putting the things away in the nursery it was hard not to imagine using each goodie with our little bundle of joy. 

I'd like to share with you those things that make us grateful today:
-The abundance of love and support from such an amazing family and circle of friends
-The generosity of baby goods to help us start our journey with our little peanut
-Adding memories to our many volumes of treasured moments, this weekend is the newest entry

Weeks continue to breeze by and and we have officially embarked upon spring time! It's safe to say, we are getting close to having our lives get flipped upside down in a good way. At that point I grant Baby Ames an infinite amount of kicks and wiggles - until then, I'll grip tightly through each field goal kick (football) or shuffle ball change (tap dancing) that I am blessed with.

Lots of love,
Tonya + Kurt

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