Monday, May 30, 2011

Add Another Weekend To Our Newborn Experience

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! Hope your weekend found you with loved ones and fond memories. Kurt and I find this holiday weekend to be very special to us as we appreciate all those folks who put their lives on the line for the safety our country. I have to say, now that Eleanor is in the picture it makes me even more thankful for what our troops do and I wouldn't have thought that was possible as I've always been appreciative.

Eleanor is really adjusting to the "real world" since three weeks ago. She has mastered the art of letting us know when she's hungry and she's a pro with keeping her eyes open for more than thirty minutes these days! It's looking like she'll be Kurt's brown-eyed girl as they don't seem to get any lighter than the blue-gray color when she was born but only darker. She continues to grow as she's starting to fit into 3-6 month clothing already. She's so long in the body that she needs that length to fit into things. 

We had a great holiday weekend - And a busy one at that! Friday, Kurt took the day off and we went down to my office to show her off a bit with my colleagues. There she experienced her first escalator ride. When we drove up Michigan Avenue on the way home, I got weepy-eyed explaining to her just down the street she was born and changed our lives in the best way possible. We also had our first day out where we grabbed lunch and took her furniture shopping. We used the Baby Bjorn which is a godsend! Seriously it's amazing to travel around with a baby strapped to you - So easy!

Kurt and I have really been making a point of being mobile with her. We don't want her to dictate too much of what we do and don't do. This weekend we've done a diaper change in the car and she's been fed twice in pubic (thank goodness I'm not breast feeding). She's been awesome with the anti-imprisonment at home thus far! We understand that can change with time but for now, we'll enjoy our freedom with E!

Today she got her first "real" bath as her umbilical cord has fallen off. Prior to today she was doing the sponge bath on the counter in the kitchen. Today she did a bath in the bath tub in a little bath chair that we registered for. She hated it but who wouldn't without an US Weekly and some Mr. Bubble like her mommy usually enjoys!

So again, we are learning as we go. I told Kurt today, I'm sure we've done a few things the wrong way but overall I'm proud that we've really learned to care for her on our own as we both have zero experience with newborns. And we truly are lucky to have such a laid back little lady giving us the space and time to learn as we go.

Hopefully your weekend was similar in terms of productivity and great memories with family.

We hope we can all see you soon and you too can indulge in a little bit of Eleanor!

Much love,
Tonya + Kurt

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