Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Passport Photograph For Eleanor Jamaican Me Crazy!

So many of you know that the Lazar family is going on a trip to Jamaica come August that we are all looking forward to! However, has anyone ever tried to get a passport photo for a newborn baby? I didn't realize the stress it would cause our household.

A few of the photo stipulations of what is necessary to get a valid passport

- Baby must have eyes open
- Baby must not show any emotion
- Baby must in front of a white background, no other people included in picture
- Baby cannot have arms, hands, fingers next to face

Now, that's about one third of the stipulations of what is necessary for a valid passport photo. A few thoughts no one has thought about unless they've had to have their little one in a picture for the passport. First and foremost, having a babies eyes open? Forget about it. Our little E sleeps 90% of the day! The rest of the time she is crying to be fed or a diaper change. Not showing any emotion? Well the other 10% she's crying! White background with no other people included in the picture? How do I keep her head up for the picture without my hand on her face / head which is included in the photograph. No arms, hands, fingers next to the baby's face? Get real! Eleanor always has to have her hand next to her cheek esp when her eyes are open!

Kurt and I were deer in headlights getting her passport photograph taken tonight, it is comical now that we look back at it and have a couple successful photographs we can send in!  But seriously family and friends, call us if you ever have the need to take a photograph for a passport! We have a few tricks up our sleeves. After cold water sprinkled on her tummy, legs and cheeks, we tried the "take off the diaper" trick. Well that only made her cry! Finally after soothing, pacifiers, rattling rattles and more, Kurt decided to pick her up in her car seat (up and down) and her eyes FINALLY popped open and she relaxed. SUCCESS!!

I think it's only fair to say, that's been the extent of us as parents. It's been trials and tribulations. We've learned out how to cope with Eleanor's crying. What do we do to help her out of her little fit? We've learned to swaddle on the fly, we've learned to trim her nails before she scratched her skin too deeply, we've learned when to change her diapers in the middle of her feeding so she falls asleep right after her bottle in the middle of the night, and the list goes on!

It's been a "learn as you go" - But I have to say, even though I may be growing my first gray hair (sorry Kurt) I wouldn't take it any other way. This has been ideal and our common sense (yes, mom, I have a little of this) has really helped us find our way through parenthood thus far!

I look forward to the next hurdle that's put in front of us. I cannot believe I'm saying that but I've really learned that it's important to make mistakes and try to truly learn how to get through anything that requires a little bit of "air."

Hope you all have a few of those mistakes in front of you too - As aren't we all a work in progress?

Lots of love to you all!


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