Monday, June 20, 2011

Ode to Eleanor

Eleanor will be 6 weeks as of tomorrow and it's amazing to see how much she's developed in that short amount of time. She has started to smile at me when I talk to her, which warms my heart more than I ever thought was possible. Because of that amazing smile, she makes me want to talk in a high voice and give her kisses all day long. I am afraid if this continues, we'll never get anything done around the house.

She has also been a chatty cathy recently! While she talks, she kicks. She truly is a happy baby. People talk about having a love that is indescribable with your baby and I truly know what they talk of. She brings me such warmth and joy, even when I'm sleep deprived she'll look up to me with a toothless grin that makes me melt every time!

She has started to look around the room, moving her neck. While I know her vision is only 12 inches away from her face it's so neat to see her look around and seem so alert. And her tummy time has vastly improved, she will lay on my stomach on her tummy and look up to me with her big brown eyes. Again a heart-melting experience I didn't know existed.

While she looks just like her daddy and has his go with the flow personality, she does have ONE trait of mine that I think is the cutest. She sneezes in twos. Sometimes after she sneezes she does this high-pitched sigh that may be the cutest noise I've ever heard.

If you cannot tell I am completely smitten and in love with my daughter. We went to the Cubs game on Saturday and I just wanted to show her off to the world. Although I'm low on sleep, I'm high on love. 

We celebrated our first Fathers Day yesterday - We went to brunch in the neighborhood and then we had a lazy Sunday! It was a great day - Eleanor snuggled on her daddy's chest all afternoon. The two of them bonded together, it was so endearing! 

While Eleanor continues to develop in terms of skills and personality, my love continues to grow for her.  I gladly embrace this journey of love for my daughter as she truly is a gift to me.

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