Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Mommy On A Mission

I think it's safe to say, yesterday was an interesting day for all of us - filled with different emotions in regards to the outcome of a trial of the century, the Casey Anthony trial. I cannot shake this sick feeling in my stomach knowing that a little baby still doesn't have the answers that her innocent life deserves. What really happened to Caylee?

I try to put myself into the shoes of all those who were involved in this case but just cannot. First Casey. If my daughter was missing, how could I not report my daughter missing for the first 30 days? I can barely leave the room without missing Eleanor. A shower is impossible bc I'd rather hang out with her than wash my hair.

The grandparents. How could they be so stoic when the verdict was announced? They still don't have their grandchild back? How are they not hurting from this loss?

I keep coming back to the conclusion justice wasn't served. It's pretty evident that if it's not first degree murder, it was manslaughter and DEFINITELY child abuse. The only peace I have is that justice will one day be served, if not here on earth - it will be served in heaven.

In light of the recent verdict and the emotions I felt after hearing it, I've been inspired to do something. I looked up the statics of child abuse and they are staggering.  A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. Almost five children die every day a a result of child abuse. More than three out of four are under the age of 4. 

I've decided to become active in helping change this epidemic. I've looked online and found an outstanding resource where I can be more involved!

If you too are interested in being involved, please spread the word! Look into ways you can donate your time or money in helping another future victim.

I'm a mommy on a mission, so please help me in putting a stop to innocent lives being abused. 

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