Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Peaks and Valleys of Mommyhood

It's week 2 as a working mother and I have to say, it's been a pretty easy transition. The first day was really hard however. I wanted to puke leaving the house and I sobbed when I got home. Eleanor and I like to talk with each other on her changing table and I couldn't keep the tears from falling when I was looking into her eyes after my first day back. She just smiled back with her toothless grin full of forgiveness. What did I do to deserve such a loving baby?

I'm feeling a bit bittersweet that Eleanor is 12 weeks old today. She's graduated to 3 month nipples and she's now enjoying Infant Formula vs Newborn Formula. I swear she's growing before my eyes, every morning I see her and she's bigger than the day before. Part of me wants to freeze time and enjoy the little itty bitty newborn and part of me is excited that she's growing and developing. 

We've lucked out with Eleanor's sleeping too (KNOCK ON WOOD, EVERYONE PLEASE). She has been sleeping in until about 5:30am - 6am. We've had a couple mornings where she didn't get up before I left for work which was 7:30am! Crazy stuff! I swear she's gone from newborn to teenager in 60 seconds!

We have enjoyed reading to her. I have a passion for children's literature so it's been super fun for me! I'm actually looking forward to getting a few more books for her collection! It's so fun to watch her look at the brightly illustrated pages of each book. She really enjoys it!

I'm starting to add more baths to her weekly routine as I truly enjoy that special time with her. She looks up at me with her big brown eyes as I lather her up with suds, and I just melt. It's a priceless time I will cherish forever. 

So all in all Mommyhood has been a blast. There have been hard days of course! And embarrassing days where I've answered the door to our neighbors not knowing I had poop on my face. But the amazing treasures I find each day from Eleanor outweigh any of the tribulations and blushing moments. I have a feeling it's only going to get better from here. I can only imagine when she starts talking, walking, hugging me back, and giving me the infinite amount of kisses that I so desire from her.

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