Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful for Thanksgiving

I feel like this blog is getting kind of boring bc we really don't have a lot of new news to report. We're at 17 weeks and I feel great (still). In lieu of Thanksgiving, I feel like my stomach is kind of like the little thing that pops out of the turkey when it's done. My stomach has officially popped out, I now feel pregnant. I am still anxiously awaiting to feel the baby kick. They say any day now - but come on Baby Ames! I'm ready for your kick!!

Our "little chicken" is the size of an onion right now! I'll blame my tears on the "onion" not my hormones. I caught myself crying at least twice in the car this weekend listening to music!

I'm really looking forward to the turkey and oh so delicious sides this week! What am I thankful for, you ask? Jeans that have elastic waists! Bring on the food!! In all actuality, there is so much to be thankful for; we are so blessed to have a little miracle growing and developing each day. It's truly a gift. A gift we cannot wait to share with the rest of the world very soon!

We're also thankful to be able to do the things we do - This weekend I was thankful that we got to go to the Hawkeye game in Iowa City. Not everyone gets to do the things that we do, I don't take any of those memories for granted.

Please join us in being thankful for all the things we do and the love we have around us! And regarding the turkey about to be eaten, take a little extra this year - and that's an order!

Lots of love to all,
Kurt + Tonya


  1. Happy Thanksgiving,little onion!!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  2. Hope you and Kurt had a great holiday. Your mom said you will be celebrating in Chicago for Xmas, so hope to catch you sometime soon! I want to see the bump!