Monday, December 20, 2010

Allow Myself To Introduce Myself...

Ok, so I know the curiosity has been killing you as to whom would be the guest's me, Dad.  I know everybody is excited now!!  But not as excited as Tonya and me - we had our 21 week visit today and everything is going according to plan.  Well, for the most part.  It seems that our doctor's office had us scheduled for a doctor's visit at 11:30 today but failed to tell us ultrasound was at 10:30am!!!  So we missed the ultrasound. Of course, Tonya's and Baby Ames' health are very important but I was very anxious to watch my son or daughter for an hour!

Long story short, they finally squeezed us in to do the ultrasound as well as the check on Tonya and the baby.  There were several "things" that I had no clue as to what they were, but there were several things that grabbed my attention.  One being the heart beat, it's such a good feeling to see that little thing working like crazy!  Then there is the brain, which we were able to view today.  I already know he/she is going to be smarter than me (in time).  Of course after he/she spends some quality time with Dad and Mom.  

A face that has features already - a mouth opening and closing....I wondered, How does he/she handle swallowing fluid, mom's food, etc so naturally?  There were bones, the spine, legs, a foot, arms and hands that Baby Ames likes to have around the mouth area....again I wondered, is the baby sucking a thumb, shy, active or just getting ready to celebrate by throwing his/her arms in the air after the Bears score tonight?  

Never the less, I'm full of thoughts and anticipation while waiting to meet my son or daughter.  I know if some of my friends read this - they would be shocked!  If you can't tell, we feel very fortunate to have things go as smoothly as they have.  I'm sure a lot of expecting parents get to hear what we continue to hear, "things look good and on schedule" but we truly feel blessed at this point in the pregnancy.  

We are excited to share some new photos of the little one this week with the Lazar's.  I'm excited to spend time with my in-laws but also happy knowing that I'm working on extending the Ames name and evening the playing field (Kurt & son/daughter vs Tonya & the best mother-in-law).

Safe travels to all and happy holidays! 



  1. Kurt, great job!!! So nice to read your feelings about Baby Ames!

    However...even tho I am the best mother-in-law.....the playing field will not be even....not with T and I on the same team--we are almost unbeatable

  2. I think this is the first time I agree with my mother on EVERYTHING she wrote regarding your blog, Kurt. Scary!! Nice job, babe! You are the best Baby Daddy a wife could ask for!