Monday, December 6, 2010

Mango Madness

19 weeks and counting as of today! Just two weeks until we do the big ultrasound, where we get to spend an hour or so peeking in at our baby. We cannot believe how quickly things are moving and feel so blessed that the pregnancy has been fairly smooth. (KNOCK ON WOOD)

Daddy made BLTs for dinner and Baby Ames must really love his cooking bc he was kicking up a storm during dinner! The baby's kicks crack me up - Partially bc they kind of tickle and partially bc this child has some major power for being just 19 weeks old. 

Our little kicker is the size of either an heirloom tomato or mango - Take your pick! Either one is super yummy and enjoyable so you really cannot go wrong.

We've noticed now that we're pregnant, we get up A LOT earlier on the weekends. Which is nice bc we can get our errands and other things done earlier than we used to! Our tree is up, presents are wrapped and we've even enjoyed one viewing of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (so far). We are 95% ready for the holiday! Bring it, Santa!!

We're still Shakespeareless as he's with Grandma and Grandpa Lazar. I'm curious how he'll be when he sees that his mommy has more to her tummy next time we reunite. I've heard that dogs can sense when their mommy is carrying a baby and can actually even hear things that we cannot hear. Who knows if that's true and knowing our dog, he'll go straight for his toys and not even acknowledge that we are in petting distance from him.

Well, no news besides me blabbering! Sorry I wish I had more to talk about but this little bundle of joy doesn't demand too much attention. I am confident that will change a bit in four months!

Have a great week! We love you all!

Kurt + Tonya


  1. I vote heirloom tomato!!

    Shakes is doing great! Loves the downstairs bathroom?? least it seems he does...for some reason he barks so he can go in there (FYI..the downstairs bathroom is "time out") He gets a little sassy when we say "time out" and point to the bathroom, but being the well behaved little boy he is...he does go.

  2. Loved the Xmas card - great picture of you two, with a wonderful backdrop!

    I also vote for heirloom tomato. :)