Monday, December 13, 2010

We've Gone Bananas For Our Banana!

It's officially "half-time" of our pregnancy. We are at Week 20 and a full-term is 40 weeks. Kurt's giving the baby a pep-talk, getting him/her geared up for the second half. Wow, the time has really flown! I cannot believe we've already reached this milestone.

Currently our baby (from head to toe) is the length of a banana, however, I'm convinced he/she is the length of a plantain. We've reached a banana split in regards to what sex the baby will be. Any takers? Should we start the wagers? I am getting 50% girl and 50% boy from friends and colleagues. 

This baby is going bananas, literally - It's quite active. Definitely doesn't like to sit still and the power that he/she has is ridiculous. It's pretty embarrassing being on the train and getting a huge jolt from a leg, I instantly jerk. I'm sure I look ridiculous to those who don't know I'm pregnant. 

Generally at Week 20 you do the big ultrasound however, our doctor is on vacation this week so it's pushed back until next week. Most people find out the sex of the baby at this point in the pregnancy but since we're waiting until delivery, we're in no hurry to see the doctor this week. But we are excited to see how our little nugget has developed since the last time we saw him/her.

Expect a guest writer next week - I'll be taking the week off! Until then, please join us in going bananas for our little banana! 

Lots of love,
Kurt + Tonya

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  1. what is the length difference between a banana and a plantain???